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Back pain

Imagine when you were born you were a given a shiny, new car. You were told this car had to last your entire lifetime, it was the only car you would ever have and that many of the critical components were irreplaceable.

How would you care for this car?  Would you inspect it regularly and give it loving maintenance, or wait for the engine to seize before checking the oil?

Most likely, you would look after this car like your life depended on it!  Your life does depend upon the health and well-being of your spine, and your spine has to last a lifetime.

Hi! I’m Dr. Michael Lax. Let me show you how to not only get control of your back pain and neck pain, but more importantly have a great spine that will enable you to enjoy a healthy, vibrant life for years to come.

About your back and back health

Back pain treatment

​If you’re like most people, you know too well what it’s like to have a ‘bad back’. Perhaps you just hurt your back, and the acute pain and spasm has you immobilized. Or maybe you’ve been suffering with chronic back pain for years. Whether acute or chronic, back pain can be the result of many things, and my job as your chiropractor is to first find what the cause is, and then help you get better. Once you’re feeling better and your back is strong and working well, I then teach you how to properly look after your back so it stays healthy and feeling good.

How do we care for patients with back pain?

For over 30 years I have been helping people with back pain relief. When I began practice those many years ago, my ‘tool box’ of techniques was, like most young doctors when they start out, somewhat limited. Through many years of experience and post-graduate training, my tool box has grown and become considerably more effective.

Depending on the nature and severity of a patient’s spinal problem, I can select the best technique or tool to use to help them. For some patients this may be precise manual spinal adjustments, for others it may be hand-held instrument adjusting using the ARTHROSTM, or ‘drop table’ adjustments. For patients with muscle, tendon or other ‘soft tissue’ conditions I might use a combination of soft tissue techniques such as TRIGENICS, A.R.T. or trigger point therapy, among others.

Once a patient’s back pain is resolving, I will then introduce specific techniques, such as Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP), to improve postural and spinal alignment. We call this Spinal Structural Rehabilitation, and it is critically important for long term pain relief and spinal health.

Lastly, I will teach you key back care exercises, and provide you with the knowledge and on-going support so you can help yourself.

These evidence-based techniques are all part of the chiropractic approach I use in my office to help patients with back pain achieve the best possible outcome.

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