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Work injuries


Do you have a work-related injury?

We can help! 

At Dr. Michael Lax chiropractic clinic we are pleased to provide care for patients with work-related
injuries, including:
  • back injuries
  • neck injuries 
  • shoulder and arm injuries
  • wrist and hand injuries
  • hip and leg injuries
  • knee, ankle and foot injuries
  • strains and sprains trauma
  • repetitive strain injuries
  • ergonomic and posture problems related to work space
  • desk and computer-related pain syndromes
  • sitting-related pain syndromes
With over 30 years experience caring for people just like you who have injured themselves at work, I have developed an extensive "tool box" of chiropractic and soft tissue therapy techniques, including TRIGENICS, A.R.T., exercise rehabilitation and postural re-education, to help you return to work as quickly as possible.
If you have an active WorkSafeBC claim, the cost of your treatment will likely be covered. Rest assured we will treat you with the best care possible, and help you get back to work in the shortest amount of time.

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